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Reaction to Fire testing

Reaction to Fire Testing

Reaction-to -fire tests for the building industry marine and offshore industries, land transport, aircraft and the furniture and frunishing sectors.

European tests:

        * BS EN ISO 1182 - Non-combustibililty test

        * BS EN ISO 1716 - Bomb calorimeter

        * BS EN 13823-2000 - Single Burning Item(SBI) test

        * BS EN ISO 11925 part 2 - Small flame test

        * ISO 9705 - Room corner reference test

        * LPS 1181: Parts 1 and 2


British Standard tests:

        * Roof test - external fire exposure

        * Non-combustibility

        * Fire propagation

        * Surface spread of flame

        * Heat emission from building materials

        * Ignitability of products subject to direct flame

        * Ignitability of products subjudted to thermal irradiance

        * Oxygen Index

        * Plasterboard core cohesion test at high temperature

        * External caldding to meet requirements of Approved Document B


Transport, marine and offshore:

        * Non-commbustibility, ignitability - IMO

        * Aircraft: Flame resitance of interior - CAA

        * Vehicle: Flammability of interior materials - FMVSS


Furnature and Furnishing(Fire) Regulations:

Ignitability of:

        * upholstered seating

        * polyurethane foam slabs and cushios

        * polyurethane foam in crumb form

        * latex rubber foam

        * non-foam filling materials singly

        * composite fillings for furniture

        * pillows and cusions with primary covers

        * composite fillings of mattressed and bed bases

        * upholstred furniture and structures


Textile and fabric materials:

        * Flammability in verticle orientation

        * Floor coverings - hot nut test

        * Ignitability of fabrics used in large tented structures


Plastics rubber and related materials:

        * Rate of burn

        * Flammability

        * Horizontal burn characteristics

        * Vertical burn characteristics


Smoke Test:

        * Specific optical density of smoke

        * 3m cube-smoke emisstion test from electrical cables



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